Anthem of the Seas rooms: Everything you need to know about Royal Caribbean ship cabins

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Anthem of the Seas rooms are an experience in themselves, one worth onboarding the cruise for. But for the same reason, choosing a cabin on the ship can be a daunting task.

Anthem of the Seas rooms have plenty to shout about – but how do you know which one is for you on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship?

Launched in 2015, the 4,180-passenger vessel features an eye-popping number of accommodation options.

But more than the sheer volume of cabins, what makes picking a Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas room hard is the number of cabin categories. The cruise ship holds 16 categories of suites and 34 categories of cabins, with a varying price, location, and amenity range.

Additionally, there exist studio cabins for solo travellers, and most of them come with balconies.

So, regardless of your room choices and budget, you will be able to find an ideal Anthem of the Seas room that suits your needs.

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1. Royal Loft

The largest and most expensive Anthem of the Seas room, the Royal Loft Suite features three balconies, one with a dining area and another with a dual whirlpool tub, both offering marvellous views.

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The master bedroom, with its soaking tub and a separate shower, is hands-down luxurious.

Additionally, there is a separate bedroom, media room, and sitting room with a sofa that can be converted into a queen bed, flat-screen televisions, dry bar, and a separate dressing area. So, the suite as a whole can sleep up to six people.

The Royal Loft Suite boasts a spacious and vibrant space. Credit: Royal Caribbean

2. Owner’s Loft

A new addition to the accommodation on the Anthem of the Seas, the Owner’s Loft features two balconies, of which one features a dining area. This two-deck suite sleeps up to four.

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3. Grand Loft

Another new Anthem of the Seas rooms category, Grand Loft Suites have three balconies, one-bedroom, and a sitting area with a sofa that converts to a double bed. The room sleeps up to four people.

The Royal Loft, Owner’s Loft, and the Grand Loft are included in the Star Class of suites, offering many amenities, of which a few are listed below:

  • Concierge service
  • Special in-suite dining
  • Complimentary minibar
  • All-day access to the coastal kitchen
  • Complimentary dining in the specialty restaurants
  • Exclusive access to signature activities and suites beach on private islands
  • Complimentary fitness classes, seven-day spa thermal room access, and more.
This Grand Loft Suite boasts a gorgeous view with several amenities. Credit: Royal Caribbean

4. Royal Family Suite

If you are travelling with your large family, you will love the Royal Family Suite that comes with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a balcony.

The suite easily sleeps up to eight people, and the private balcony space is large enough for dining together.

5. Owner's Suite

This category of Anthem of the Seas room comes with a separate bedroom and sitting area.

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The twin beds in the bedroom convert to a Royal King bed. Therefore, the Royal Caribbean room easily accommodates four travellers. Additionally, the balcony offers stunning views and brings fresh gusts of air.

6. Grand Suite

Though smaller than the Owner’s Suites, Grand Suite sleeps four. These Anthem of the Seas balcony rooms have a separate bedroom with two twin beds and a sofa in the sitting area that converts into a double bed.

The balcony features an entertainment center and a desk good enough for outdoor dining with your gang.

The Grand Suite offers a balcony and entertainment center packed with fun. Credit: Royal Caribbean

7. Spa Junior Suite

Unlike the other balcony rooms on the Anthem of the Seas in this list, Spa Junior Suites don’t have a separate bedroom. Instead, they feature twin beds that convert to a Royal King.

However, the split bath is large, with a separate shower and a soaker tub. Also, the frosted glass allows natural light into the bathroom.

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8. Superior Ocean View Cabin

Comparatively, a smaller Anthem of the Seas Ocean View room, these Royal Caribbean cabins come with a 55 square foot private balcony and two twin beds that convert to a Royal King.

The cabin offers lots of storage and is comfortable.

9. Interior Cabin With Virtual Balcony

If you are on a budget, look no further than the Anthem of the Seas virtual balcony rooms.

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These interior cabins vary in size, but all of them offer a wonderful “virtual balcony” that lets you see what’s going on outside in real-time.

You can turn them off, but they also act as an alarm clock if the sun wakes you up usually.

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