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Jane McDonald's colleagues reveal 'nasty' relationships between cruise crew

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Jane McDonald became a star following her appearance on BBC show The Cruise. In one episode her fellow crew shared what life and romance was like onboard ships.

Jane McDonald met her ex-husband Henrik Brixen when working on a cruise ship.

Indeed, many cruise crew find love onboard - but living in such proximity for such long periods doesn't come without its fair share of drama.

In the 1998 programme that made Jane a household name, aired by the BBC in recent weeks, the singer's colleagues revealed what it's like when it comes to relationships onboard.

One crew member, a dancer called Michelle explained romantic interactions onboard cruise ships can be "ugly" and are perhaps better avoided.

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Her friend Jack, also a dancer, is filmed in The Cruise saying: "How can you have a relationship when you're travelling? You don't want one on the ships because it just can be nasty."

"It gets ugly," Michelle agrees. "Everyone is part of your relationship so you don't have a relationship between the two of you."

In fact, the walls between cruise ships cabins are "so darn thin," they say, that everyone can hear what you're up to, whether it's arguing or enjoying a moment of passion.

It's little surprise that when Jack and Michelle get the opportunity to enjoy a day away from the ship they make the most of it.

Cruise romance: "It gets ugly," Michelle agrees. "Everyone is part of your relationship." Credit: BBC

During a trip out in Mexico, Michelle admits it's nice to be away from "all the drama that happens daily" on the ship.

Jack elaborates: "Any place where you're working and living becomes a work of its own. Everybody's there for a different reason, everybody's either there for a retreat of some sort or they're there to save money for a goal they have. They've all got a reason to be there.

"It's a chance, a risk you take, by being put on a ship with 900 other people you have to work with and live with. Their characters are bigger than life."

Michelle reveals it takes a particular type of person to work on a cruise ship.

Jane McDonald: "All morals go out of the window on a ship," she explains. Credit: BBC

"I think you have to be a little bit quirky... not mainstream normal I think," she says.

Jane McDonald herself comments on how unusual life is living and working on a cruise ship during the show.

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"All morals go out of the window on a ship," she explains, "Things happen on ships you would never do on land and you end up with people also that you would never look twice at on land," said Jane.

For some people, finding love on a cruise ship can become a real challenge.

The Cruise: "This is not the right environment to meet anyone," says social hostess Amanda. Credit: BBC

Amanda was a social hostess onboard the ex Celebrity Cruises ship Galaxy at the same time as Jane McDonald.

In the show, she fears she may not meet anyone in her line of work due to her age.

"I'd like to [settle down] really but I'd think the opportunity has passed me by," she admits.

"This is not the right environment to meet anyone... passengers are only here for seven days, you don't really get to know the passengers and there aren't any single men that travel anyway.

"And the people who work here usually go after the younger girls so I'm at that in-between age really when nobody's particularly interested."

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