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Jane McDonald's 'spooky' gift her ex-husband 'would freak' about unveiled in The Cruise

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Jane McDonald continued to weave her magic this week as 1998 hit show The Cruise was again shown on the BBC. In one episode the singer's "uncanny" "gift" emerged.

Jane McDonald became famous thanks to her impressive vocal talents after appearing on The Cruise back in the 90s.

However, the re-shown episodes this week prove that the star's skills don't stop at music.

In fact, Jane has another "spooky" gift that proved popular during her time performing on cruise ships - but not with her ex-husband Henrik Brixen.

In the very first episode of The Cruise, Jane shares with the audience she's "been blessed with two gifts so I'm very lucky."

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While one talent is clearly singing, the other is the "powers," thanks to which she can "feel" her mother and late father with her on the ship despite their absence.

This skill also means she can read tarot cards and tell fortunes - and fellow crew members eager to find out what the future holds flock to Jane's cabin to find out.

One male staff member even calls her accommodation "Madame Butterfly's reading room" as he enters.

To him, Jane says the tarot cards predict "good news about business...and possible scandal on its way as well."

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Jane McDonald reveals she can read tarot cards and tell fortunes. Credit: BBC

She adds, laughing: "I want to know all about it!"

Jane warns another colleague called Lucy that she should be "careful" after pulling the fertility card as the girl was seeing her boyfriend the next day.

However, it's casino worker Mary who experiences the greatest spine-tingling experience as a result of Jane's gift.

Firstly, Jane notes from the cards that Mary has trouble sleeping to which an amazed Mary responds she does indeed have an undiagnosed sleep disorder.

"That's uncanny," agrees Jane.

Jane McDonald: Crew members eager to find out what the future holds flock to Jane's cabin to find out. Credit: BBC

It's Jane's next prediction that blows her other readings out of the water, though.

The singer cautions Mary might suffer from itchy skin and rashes and she should "watch out for it coming."

"That's really weird isn't it," says the blackjack dealer. "They're a little spooky really," replied Jane of the cards.

And indeed, shortly afterwards, Mary wakes up to find she has contracted rubella - a viral infection that causes a red rash on the body.

Jane McDonald predicted a rash.. and Mary later wakes up to find she has contracted rubella. Credit: BBC

While the crew on board the Galaxy cruise ship might be impressed by Jane's fortune-telling, the star reveals her boyfriend at the time, Henrik, does not agree.

"My boyfriend would freak out because he's not into this at all," she tells the cameraman, "He just doesn't believe at all."

The celebrity met Henrik when he was working as a plumber onboard a cruise ship while she was filming and he later became her manager.

The pair married in 1998 but broke up in 2002 after she "began to feel lonely" in the marriage.

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