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Cruise packages: What’s included? Who has the best? Are they worth the money?

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Cruise packages are an excellent way to save on a cruise if you are trying to make the most out of your cruise vacation. Should you get one?

Cruise packages generally offer great deals as you pay for everything upfront.

These discounted bundles offered by cruise lines tend to cover and include all secondary costs such as airfare, pre-, and post-cruise hotel stays, ship credit, shore excursions and more.

While most cruises are known for being all-inclusive, without some sort of cruise holiday package, the cost of a cruise trip can rise quickly.

This is your quick guide to cruise packages.

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What’s included in a cruise package?

You might spot advertisements for cruise and flight packages when you first start looking into booking a cruise voyage.

A cruise package is like a special deal that comes with included amenities like excursion discounts, drink credits, cheaper rooms and more.

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While cruise packages are a way for cruise lines to bag early reservations and quickly sell last-minute cruise tickets, they also work to the benefit of the passengers.

The discounts offered by booking a cruise holiday package can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of pounds throughout the voyage.

Here are a few things that are commonly offered in cruise packages.

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Hotel stays

A cruise and stay package is a popular option offered by cruise lines that stop at major vacation ports or debark out of one. By paying for hotel stays upfront, you can have your holiday time both on the land and at sea.

Family entertainment

This kind of cruise package is offered by family-oriented cruise lines and includes all-inclusive childcare for infants to adolescents. Additionally, they may also feature tickets to special celebrity performances and stage shows.

Wedding and honeymoon amenities

Wedding and honeymoon cruise packages aim to make your special day even more memorable with inclusions such as bouquets, vow renewal ceremonies, wedding cakes and so on. These packages are an excellent way to spark your romance at sea.

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Adventure and experiences

Cruise lines that offer services to remote places such as Antarctica or the jungles of South American offer these packages that include shore excursions and other off-ship experiences.

Spa treatments

If you are interested in having a more relaxing cruising experience, perhaps a spa cruise package should help. These include spa treatments such as pedicures, massage, manicures, facials, and hot stone therapies.

Free Wi-Fi services

Internet is one of the most expensive things you can buy onboard. However, cruise packages that include free Wi-Fi and streaming services can help you save serious cash.

Consider adding a spa package to your all-inclusive cruise for an ultra-relaxing experience. Credit: Shutterstock

Are cruise packages worth the money?

Cruise packages offer several benefits alongside the convenience and the luxury of extending your holiday beyond the cruise.

To begin with, cruise packages payments can be added to the cruise fare and paid as a single payment before travelling. This saves you from the hassle of making periodical payments throughout the trip. Additionally, you will have to deal with the paperwork like check-in forms and other customs declarations just once for the entire voyage.

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Furthermore, cruise packages are arranged in conjunction with the cruise. So, the land-based part of your trip will be coordinated with the cruise in terms of sightseeing attractions and themes.

On the flip side, cruise packages are often guided. Meaning you will get little time to explore your own interests. The available destinations may also be limited. Furthermore, you won’t typically get to choose the airlines or hotels of your preference without paying additional fees on top of the cost of the package.

Seabourn offers all-inclusive cruises to destinations around the world. Credit: Shutterstock

Which cruise lines offer all-inclusive cruise packages?

When it comes to all-inclusive cruise packages, a few cruise lines stand out from others.

Silversea Cruises

Silversea includes all the basic amenities offered by most all-inclusive cruise packages, such as alcoholic drinks and gratuities, while throwing in some useful add-ons such as limited free Wi-Fi access, shuttles to port, fine dining options and more.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

This cruise line offers a comprehensive all-inclusive cruise package that includes everything from open bars to free Wi-Fi and round-trip airline tickets. The only things not included are top-shelf shore excursions, spa treatments and premium liquors, unless you are in the very best suites.

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Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises offers all-inclusive cruises where guests enjoy unlimited drinks, activities and entertainment, dining, and Wi-Fi for a standard rate. The line also provides an elevate package, with unlimited speciality drinks and credit towards shore excursions, and an indulge package, with unlimited streaming Wi-Fi and additional credit for excursions or spa treatments.


Seabourn provides guests with a luxurious all-inclusive cruising experience including premium drinks, ocean-front suites and complimentary Wi-Fi. Guests can also take part in Seabourn Conversations to hear from luminaries on subjects of interest and experience fine dining at an array of restaurants. Spa treatments will come at an additional charge.

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