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Are all-inclusive cruises worth it? Perks of going all-in with Princess Cruises

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All-inclusive holidays - a magical trio of words if ever there was one. Yes, it means unlimited indulgence but how worth it is an all-inclusive cruise?

All-inclusive cruises mean holidaymakers can eat, drink and make merry without ever worrying about the daily bill racking up.

It's often assumed that going all-in means the cost of your cruise will be sky-high but that doesn't have to be the case.

Princess Cruises is one cruise line offering excellent value-for-money packages, and its All-Inclusive Princess Plus Fare gives passengers a heck of a lot.

For just £30 per person per day for the Princess Plus package, (on top of your cruise fare) you'll get the premier Beverage Package, unlimited Wi-Fi and all tips covered. Quick, pass us the merlot.

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Princess cruise packages - all-inclusive

A major perk of this all-inclusive package is the Premier Beverage Package with service charge. This gives you included cocktails, beer, wine, speciality coffees, smoothies, bottled water and other individual beverages up to £9 each.

You’re definitely getting bang for your buck; purchased separately at retail price, the beverage package alone would set you back a huge £53.

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And remember, Princess' onboard dining room has received the prestigious Wine Spectator’s 2019 Award of Excellence and is home to an extensive wine list (yes there are wine tastings!) while an expert mixologist has refreshed the cocktail menus. Santé!

The perks of Princess' all-inclusive cruise package don't stop there, it also includes the additional benefit of a 25 percent discount on all bottles of wine, one-litre bottles of water, canned soda and bottled juices.

The bar service charge included in this Princess Cruises all-inclusive package is not to be sniffed at either, the extra 15 to 20 percent per drink could soon add up without this included.

Enjoy a cheeky glass of tipple with Princess. Credit: Princess Cruises

Princess all-inclusive cruises also give you unlimited Wi-Fi with which you can video chat and text with loved ones back home - even if it does mean blatantly flaunting your holiday fun to those stuck in Blighty. Only our good side, please.

You can also stream your favourite shows and check your email (but maybe don't reply to your boss after one too many Mojitos...). Outside of the Princess cruises all-inclusive package, unlimited Wi-Fi would cost you £7.50 a day, so you'll get your money's worth. Plus, it's a fuss-free system and the internet is fast and reliable.

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The third perk of Princess all-inclusive cruises is full crew appreciation - all tips will be paid to Princess staff on your behalf, which can certainly take the awkwardness of how much to pay away.

In fact, if you paid for all of the above individually, you'd be coughing up £65 a day, but at £30 for an all-inclusive cruise, you're paying less than half of that. Bargain!

Princess all-inclusive cruises also give you unlimited Wi-Fi. Credit: Princess Cruises

So, how do you know if Princess all-inclusive cruises are right for you?

Well firstly, all-inclusive cruise packages are a useful way of keeping tabs on how much you’re spending and are popular among guests.

It might feel like an initially higher cost but you’ll get a fixed price that isn’t affected by fluctuating exchange rates. Plus, it’s always easier to budget for a holiday when you know that the only extra expenses will be presents for friends and family back home. Yes, mum, we've remembered the fridge magnet for Aunt Joan.

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It's worth checking what's included and the fine details to make sure you're happy with the deal.

For instance, consider, is a drinks package worth the extra investment upfront? If you only drink a glass or two of wine with dinner, then probably not.

Princess all-inclusive: The bar service charge included in this Princess cruises all-inclusive package. Credit: Princess Cruises

But if you expect to enjoy five or six drinks a day (or you have expensive tastes), it could be well worth investigating what’s on offer.

That said, don’t just check the number of inclusions – check the quality, too and ensure the all-inclusive cruise meets your needs.

Sometimes by booking your cruise and drinks package in advance you can bag discounted bookings and special offers so do keep an eye out if you're hoping to save money while still bagging the perks.

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Don't fret if you're not sure whether to add all-inclusive at the start, though, the Princess Plus Fare can be added at a later date so you have time to mull over whether it's the right option for you.

The long and short of it is that most cruise lines agree the secret to making an all-inclusive package worthwhile is to use everything that’s on offer. So, don't just stick to the same two drinks - why not sample everything on the menu?

So that's a Mai Tai, a Malbec and a mocha for us, please. OK, go on, an Old Fashioned too.

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