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Princess Cruises launches new sustainable accessory made from reclaimed water bottles

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Princess Cruises has revealed a new accessory for its cruise ship technology device Princess Medallion – and it’s made from 100 percent reclaimed ocean plastic.

Princess Cruises has released its new sustainable accessory, the OceanTide, a wrist strap made of reclaimed water bottles.

The OceanTide accompanies Princess’ Medallion, a small wearable device that allows you to navigate the ship with ease and gives you the freedom to completely personalise your holiday experience. The OceanTide embodies Princess’ commitment to sustainability in the cruising industry.

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What is the OceanTide and how is it sustainable?

The OceanTide is a wrist strap that is made up of completely reclaimed plastics from the world’s oceans and coastlines.

Each strap features a unique number that signifies each guest’s contribution to cleaning up ocean plastic. With each accessory being made from the equivalent of two water bottles removed from the ocean.

The strap is designed to hold the Princess Medallion, meaning guests can look after and access the device in an eco-friendly style.

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How is the OceanTide made?

The OceanTide originates from a simple plastic bottle, which is turned into high resistance polyester yarn to produce the watch strap. Granules are also injected to create the placeholder for the Medallion.

In addition, glass fibres are added to the strap in order to improve strength and impact resistance.

The OceanTide was produced by Braloba, a Swiss manufacturer of watch straps and accessories. The company created #tide plastics which focuses on up-cycling plastic bottles into raw materials for sustainable products.

The OceanTide wrist strap originates from a simple plastic bottle. Credit: Princess Cruises

What is the Princess Medallion?

The Princess Medallion is free to all guests and is a small accessory, the size of a coin.

The medallion allows you the freedom to make payments around the ship with ease, as well as acting as a form of identification. For guests in the stateroom, the Princess Medallion goes one step further and provides automatic access, with the room unlocking as you get closer.

Guests have the option of wearing their Princess Medallion on a lanyard, clip, sports band, pendant or bracelet.

Moreover, from the moment you start your cruise, you can get one step ahead with the MedallionClass app. The app allows guests to choose their desired arrival time slot to guarantee a relaxing boarding experience.

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The Princess Medallion works with OceanCompass. Credit: Princess Cruises

How does the Princess Medallion work?

The Princess Medallion utilises clever technology which reduces the need for physical contact. The device connects to readers all over the ship and in port, meaning tailored service and attention can be provided based on your location.

The chip inside the Princess Medallion allows you to use it without any transactions. If guests do not want to use the additional services on the device, they can choose the safety only option, meaning the Princess Medallion will only be used for identification, payment and stateroom access.

In addition, the Princess Medallion works with OceanCompass, which you can access through your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, stateroom TV or Princess’ touchscreens.

OceanCompass is your personal concierge which provides the ability to find out information about the course of the ship. You can also locate family and friends on board, indulge in delicacies based on your personal preferences as well as ordering meals and drinks to a location of your choice.

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The line has eliminated all single-use plastic packaging and service items from all ships. Credit: Princess Cruises

How are Princess Cruises committing to sustainable practices?

Princess is committed to the environmental practices that protect the sea and marine environment. All of Princess’ policies meet requirements set out by the International Maritime Organisation as well as other organisations that protect the environment.

The line has eliminated all single-use plastic packaging and service items from all ships.

Planet Princess was set up by the line in 1993 to encourage crew members and guests to respect the ocean and environment.

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