How Princess Cruises’ MedallionClass Marks The Future Of Family Cruising Post-Covid-19

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Princess Cruises has revolutionised the family cruising experience with OceanMedallion

In recent years, cruise lines have been utilising advances in technology to better the customer experience and one line in particular that has made been making waves in this area is Princess Cruises.

The cruise line first announced MedallionClass in 2017, a revolutionary new programme designed to enhance cruise holidays by allowing passengers to customise the onboard cruise experience through an innovative piece of wearable tech.

Princess Cruises: MedallionThe Medallion device – essentially a free, wearable coin-sized disc that has been designed to personalise Princess guests’ onboard experience – enables everything from expedited arrival and touchless stateroom entry to on-demand services, a friends and family locator and interactive gameplay.

Why OceanMedallion is ideal for family cruising

Princess Cruises has revolutionised the family cruising experience with OceanMedallion, with the device having proved invaluable to cruisers all ages.

Firstly, it gives parents peace of mind in the knowledge that they cannot lose their children onboard one of Princess Cruises’ big ships, as the Medallion features an OceanCompass app that enables them to locate them at the touch of the button.

Princess Cruises: MedallionClass

The app can also be used to send group messages or to add friends you’ve made onboard, so you can plan daily meet-ups. Alternatively, guests can also locate loved ones via one of the select digital portals found around the ship.

Older generations will no doubt appreciate the hassle-free way they can order food and drink almost anywhere onboard a Princess Cruises’ ship using the MedallionClass app; meanwhile, phone-obsessed teenagers will love that they can stay in contact with friends at home thanks to MedallionNet, a high-speed internet system that has been designed to withstand inclement weather and maintain service even in areas of dodgy connectivity.

Princess Cruises: MedallionClass wifi at sea

Another popular feature of the OceanMedallion experience among both kids and adults alike is the interactive games, which can be played either through the digital wall portals or via the PlayOcean app.

Those with the app can compete against other cruisers on board with multiplayer games such as Ocean Treks Adventure. Taking personalisation to new and immersive levels, guests can even create their own OceanTagalong, a digital companion that appears on portals around the ship and can be customised by body shape, colour, pattern, marks (like tattoos) and special charms.

For older cruisers, they can enjoy a digital flutter through OceanCasino, which features a variety of games including poker, roulette, slots and bingo, allowing guests to wager for real money anywhere on board.

Cruising in a post-Covid-19 world

Technology will no doubt play a critical role in a post-coronavirus cruising era, as cruise lines are now using technological advances to power their return to service.

Proving to be one step ahead of the game, Princess Cruises’ OceanMedallion experience should no doubt prove invaluable in tackling Covid-19 challenges.

Along with offering many advantages to family cruisers, OceanMedallion also features touchless stateroom technology, allowing guests to unlock their cabin door as they approach with no handle touching necessary (also ideal if you are prone to losing your cabin or hotel room key).

Guests will also be able to use their Medallion as a contactless credit card when making onboard purchases and can monitor their spending using the app, so you don’t get too much of a shock when presented with your final bill.

In a post-Covid-19 world, efficient and seamless travel is a necessary luxury and OceanMedallion’s expedited arrival feature offers just that.

Medallion-carrying cruisers who have previously filled out forms online, downloaded the MedallionClass app and uploaded security photos and scans of their passports are considered “OceanReady”, meaning they will be able to breeze through the boarding process without having to wait in any lengthy check-in queues. As they already have their stateroom key, they can go straight to boarding after a brief check of their documentation.

Princess Cruises: OceanMedallion cardless payments

OceanMedallion is now live on six Princess Cruises’ ships, including Caribbean Princess, Regal Princess, Royal Princess, Crown Princess, Ruby Princess and Sky Princess, with five more coming soon.

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