'That will keep the girls in' - Jane McDonald reveals 'extreme underwear' for Alaska cruise

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Jane McDonald has enjoyed cruise trips all over the world. Channel 5 showed Cruising with Jane McDonald at the weekend and the famous singer shared her packing tips.

Jane McDonald cruised to Alaska in her hit show Cruising With Jane McDonald which was re-aired by Channel 5 on Saturday.

In the episode she travelled with Holland America Line onboard cruise ship Nieuw Amsterdam, starting from Vancouver.

The singer - who shot to fame after appearing in the 1998 BBC show The Cruise - revealed that back when she worked as a performer on Celebrity Cruises she was never interested in cold water cruise destinations.

"I'd come home and do the clubs [after the ship stopped doing the Caribbean]," Jane explained.

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Therefore this Alaskan cruise is new territory for Jane and she reveals she has packed things she's "never packed before" as she prepares for the freezing weather of the North.

One unusual item is a balaclava - which Janes treats viewers to a preview of as she goes through her luggage while unpacking.

Perhaps more surprising is her "extreme conditions underwear."

"That will keep the girls in," Jane jokes as she holds the bra up to her chest.

Jane McDonald: "I've got the pants to match," she adds, showcasing the underwear. Credit: Channel 5

"I've got the pants to match," she adds, showcasing the underwear. "Not the most salubrious are they, look at the elastic on them."

A third key item for her Alaska cruise is an emergency blanket.

"I think this is quite good," she tells the camera as she drapes it around her.

"If you get lost they'll be able to see you, secondly you're not going to get hypothermia... I'm full of great tips for cruising," she adds, laughing.

Jane McDonald: "I don't usually show people my pants." Credit: Channel 5

Jane later treats viewers to an up-close and personal view of the extreme pants.

"I've got a vest on, I've got a shirt on, I've got a jumper on, I've got my extreme underwear on," she explains as she stands out on her balcony in the cold weather.

Pulling at her trousers so the top of her underwear shows, Jane frets: "I don't usually show people my pants. The trouble is it's got quite tight elastic so it's giving me a bit of a line there," she says pointing to her bottom.

"I'm used to no VPL. I think that's the most extreme thing on it actually, the elastic at the top of the legs."

Jane McDonald: "I'm full of great tips for cruising," she says. Credit: Channel 5

Putting all the right clothing on certainly seems to keep Jane warm as she enjoys her Alaskan activities, however.

"I've got enough layers on, I feel like a Battenberg under here," she jokes as she heads out for husky sledding."

This isn't the only time Jane has shown her audience her underwear. In the latest series of Cruising with Jane McDonald, which aired in May, Jane advised: "You need pants, you need lots of pants," clarifying it's key to think carefully about the colour of your smalls.

"[Choose] black and neutral," Jane explained, "never get white pants to go under white clothes because it doesn't work, all you can see is white pants."

Realising to what extent she was flashing her knickers to the world, the singer added, laughing: "I can't believe I've just shown everybody my knickers!"

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