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What is a fly cruise? Your guide to TUI holidays from the Caribbean to the Canary Islands - Marella Cruises

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Marella Cruises offers you the chance to explore new and exciting locations in depth with fly cruise holidays. Stunning destinations such as Tenerife, Dominica and Grenada can be explored in depth before stepping foot onto your cruise ship.

Marella Cruises fly cruise option allows you to explore the amazing architecture, history and landscapes of the Caribbean, the Canary Islands and the Rhine for 2021. Discover these locations by flying to the location, allowing you to delve into the culture as quickly as possible.

This is your guide to fly cruise holidays with Marella Cruises, from what luggage you can take to the advantages of such a getaway.

What is a fly cruise?

Marella Cruises’ fly cruise offerings make it even easier to explore further afield. Fly cruising sees holidaymakers fly abroad to their first port location to meet their cruise ship, whether it’s in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Barbados or beyond.

Delving right into your holiday with fly cruising means you can explore your destination before even stepping foot onboard a cruise ship.

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Fly Cruising: In-bond luggage services mean you can get out and explore straight away. Credit: Shutterstock

What is the luggage allowance for a fly cruise?

Fly cruising with TUI allows you to bring a generous 20kg check-in luggage per adult/child as well as 10kg hand luggage per adult/child.

Marella Cruises offers a seamless baggage journey, with its in-bond luggage service (offered by some of its cruise destinations). The line’s in-bond luggage service is where your luggage will be checked in the UK, security sealed and securely transported. When you arrive at your chosen UK airport, you will visit the Marella Cruises stand, where your luggage will be tagged with your cabin number to ensure it follows you onboard.

There is no need to collect your bags when you land with the in-bond luggage service, meaning you can get out and explore straight away.

Alternatively, you can check in online and take your luggage to the bag drop instead for an even easier check in experience.

Marella Cruises will inform you of whether your cruise includes bonded luggage via your booking confirmation.

Marella Cruises: Don't forget to pack clothes for the onboard dress code. Credit: Shutterstock.

What should you pack for a fly cruise?

Packing for a cruise is not too dissimilar from packing for a normal holiday. Pack to your baggage allowance and ensure that you check the onboard dress code, which varies for each restaurant.

Marella’s dress codes can be broken down into beachwear, casual and smart. Beachwear is typically ‘come as you are’, meaning that bikinis and trunks are acceptable, the only requirement is that you wear something on your feet for safety reasons.

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A casual dress code means you can pull out your casual tops, shorts and sundresses and be comfortable. Alternatively, you can take the opportunity to dress up with Marella’s smart dress code, which includes smart trousers, tailored shorts, skirt, dress, shirt, polo shirt and smart shoes with no sportswear (including trainers and flip-flops).

In addition, when embarking onshore excursions, ensure you pack outfits that are culturally appropriate to wear. For example, if you are visiting a religious building you may have to cover your legs, shoulders or hair. Comfy shoes are a must for those long excursion days!

Other bits to remember include plug adaptors and toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner.

Fly Cruising: The stress of organising flights is taken away with Marella Cruises. Credit: Shutterstock.

Are flights included in a fly cruise?

Flights are included in the total price with Marella Cruises, meaning the stress of organising flights is taken away, leaving you to simply look forward to your holiday.

Any upgrades from standard seats come at an extra price. Selecting your seat will cost an extra £19pp and extra space seating costs an additional £31pp.

What are the advantages of a fly cruise over a no-fly cruise?

There are countless advantages to fly cruises over no-fly, with the main advantage being able to immerse yourself fully in the environment and culture of locations quicker than ever before. Typically with cruises departing from the UK, it can take you a day or two, and sometimes more, to reach your first port of call, whereas, with a fly cruise, you can start your holiday straight away.

In addition, fly cruising allows you to spend more time exploring a destination than a cruise itinerary usually allows for. Guests can also experience two styles of holiday in one by adding days in port pre-departure or post-departure.

Moreover, fly cruising gives you more flexibility with departure ports. Some major cruise ports in the UK, such as Southampton, may be inconvenient for some travellers, so the ability to fly from varying airports across the UK gives your holiday a new level of flexibility.

Taste the Caribbean in your own home. Credit: Shutterstock

How long are Marella Cruises fly cruises?

Marella Cruises’ fly cruises offer a variety of lengths. The typical duration of a fly cruise with Marella is seven nights, as seen with its Mediterranean moments, Tropical Delights, Paradise Islands, Island Explorer, and a Taste of the Tropics cruise packages.

For guests who are seeking a shorter stay, Marella offers a four and five-night cruise on TUI Maya and Skyla to the Rhine.

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Marella cruise and stay options

Your cruise holiday no longer has to be restricted to the cruise ship with Marella Cruises’ cruise and stay option.

Cruise and stay is where you can extend your holiday with a hotel stay before or after your cruise. You can choose your hotel once you have picked your cruise, with destination options such as the white sand beaches of Barbados, turquoise waters of Tenerife and Lanzarote, offering sandy beaches, lively towns and historical background.

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