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Managing 23 shows, meeting celebrities and his favourite show – Princess Cruises entertainment director reveals what it’s really like to work onboard

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Princess Cruises’ onboard entertainment is an impressive feat of organisation, talent and glamour. We go behind the scenes with Princess Cruises’ entertainment director Daniel Falconer to learn more about the enthralling entertainment onboard Enchanted Princess.

What’s the best way to spend your evenings onboard a Princess Cruises ship? Why, in the theatre of course.

From the all-new Spotlight Bar production, where you will be transported to a lively bar full of stories, song and dance to the Rock Opera, with its glam outfits and extensive - you are sure to be entertained.

Entertainment director Daniel Falconer answers all your burning questions about what it takes to pull off such a high calibre of entertainment…

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How did you become an entertainment director?

Initially, I was working in the Nightclub industry as an entertainment manager, booking acts and performing in the evenings as a DJ and comedy host.

A few of my colleagues had gone away for a contract on cruise ships and they kept coming back with suntans, six-packs and dancer girlfriends, so I went to chase the dream.

I’m still chasing it, but I enjoy the job none-the-less. I was cruise director for over 10 years and have stepped into the role of entertainment director for the last year or so.

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What are your responsibilities?

As the entertainment director, I take care of the entertainment aspect of the guest experience onboard Enchanted Princess.

I have to maximise the exposure of the amazing talent we have and make sure that whether it is a West-End style production, a Live Gameshow or our fantastic music groups, they all flow together to create a memorable experience for our guests.

Princess Cruises hosts a Live Gameshow for guests to enjoy. Credit: Princess Cruises

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How many shows does Princess perform across the fleet?

There are currently 23 different production shows spread across our Princess Cruises fleet.

What is the longest-running show?

The longest-running show at the moment is British Invasion, which you can see on the Grand Princess.

Onboard, Daniel is in charge of between 70-80 members of the entertainment crew. Credit: Princess Cruises

How many entertainment staff are there onboard an average Princess ship?

On a Princess Ship, I am responsible for anywhere between 70-80 entertainment staff.

These include the cast, musicians, Youth Staff, Activity Staff, backstage tech personnel and Guest Entertainers.

Just over half of them are all stage performers in some fashion, supported by the amazing tech and Cruise Directors’ staff.

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How are the theatre shows created?

Shows are created by Princess in-house for the concept and then designers are brought in to further develop the show.

Princess Cruises offers a range of entertainment to suit every type of cruiser. Credit: Princess Cruises

What are the most rewarding and challenging things about being an entertainment director?

Entertainment has and always will be subjective, and one of the challenging aspects is to try and find those perfect shows and events that really hit a home-run.

It is key to be dynamic however, to make those big moments stand out even more.

The most rewarding times are when you see everything has come together perfectly to make those memorable moments happen.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Never stop learning and trying new things, and never stop on the first hurdle.

Some of the best ideas can come from the smallest of places, so always make sure you are absorbing as much as you can and listening to every idea that comes your way.

In the entertainment world, being different and innovative can really make you stand out from the crowd.

5-Skies is revealed as Daniel's favourite production show. Credit: Princess Cruises

Do you have any funny backstage anecdotes?

I once hosted a show on a spinning stage that was supposed to bring me out without me having to take a step and end with me facing the audience.

Unfortunately, it kept going, so while I was talking to the guests on the microphone I gradually still disappeared behind the curtain again.

When I finally came back to the right position, my microphone was pitched up like a chipmunk. I guess the stage crew were trying to put me off my game as much as possible that day.

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What is your favourite show?

Tough question but I think currently my favourite show is 5 Skies, I love the technology they have put in that show to transport you into a video game environment of different worlds.

Performers are professionally trained in jazz, ballet, tap and more. Credit: Princess Cruises
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How do you source your performers? Do they all have to be professionally trained?

Yes, all are professionals and we hold auditions all around the world.

They are trained in jazz, ballet, tap, ballroom, contemporary and commercial.

What was the highlight of the themed cruises on Enchanted Princess this summer?

For me, the highlight was meeting some of my favourite celebrities and watching them perform in a live setting, and, of course, eating the leftovers from the Celebrity Chefs' culinary demonstrations.

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