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MSC Cruises names luxurious World Europa in Doha, ahead of the World Cup 2022

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MSC Cruises has held the naming ceremony for its newest flagship, MSC World Europa, in Doha, Qatar, ahead of the World Cup where it is expected to host just under 7,000 fans.

Ahead of hosting thousands of football fans for the World Cup 2022, MSC World Europa, the largest ship in MSC Cruises fleet, has been named in Doha, Qatar.

The cruise line said the event, which took place at the new Grand Cruise Terminal, was part of “MSC’s overall commitment to Qatar”, supporting the growth of “international tourism there as well as the broader Middle East region”.

The new Grand Cruise Terminal in Doha comprises two terminals, arrival and departure halls, a duty-free shop, a cafe and more - the terminal features traditional Arab architecture.

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Those in attendance at the naming ceremony included the vessel’s captain Marco Massa and the event also featured a performance by international singer-songwriter Matteo Bocelli.

The line has described MSC World Europa as its “most innovative and environmentally advanced” ship.

It is powered by liquefied natural gas and also has the ability to use carbon-neutral synthetic and other alternative fuels “as soon as they are available at scale”, according to a statement.

Matteo Bocelli performed at the MSC World Europa naming ceremony. Credit: Anthony Devlin, Getty Images for MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises reports ‘surge in bookings’

MSC Cruises MD UK & Ireland Antonio Paradiso said: “The naming ceremony of MSC World Europa has been a brilliant event celebrated with our UK & Ireland trade partners.

“MSC World Europa is our most innovative, environmentally advanced and exciting ship to date.

“We’re already seeing a surge in bookings on board MSC World Europa and it is proving to be the most popular ship for UK guests following MSC Virtuosa, which is based in Southampton year-round.

MSC World Europa features outside, inside and cabins overlooking the promenade. Credit: MSC Cruises

“Winter cruises in the Middle East have always been a success with our UK guests and in recent years we have expanded our offering in this popular region.

“We have developed new itineraries that include Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia as well as, of course, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, and we have also increased the number of ports of embarkation.”

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