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What to wear, tipping policy & inclusions – everything you need to know about Riviera Travel

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Riviera Travel offers thoughtful, crafted itineraries, peppered with authentic experiences benefiting from the knowledge of local experts.

Riviera Travel is a well-known cruising name, so we don’t blame you if you don’t want to become an expert.

Luckily for you, you have stumbled upon the ultimate guide to Riviera Travel – so all those niggling questions about what to pack, whether you need to tip and what’s actually included can be answered here.

Not only does Riviera offer a stunning selection of river cruises, but the line also offers ocean and yacht cruising opportunities so you can explore every part of the world.

So read on to discover everything you need to know about Riviera Travel…

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Riviera Travel ships

Riviera boasts 11 five-star European river cruise ships that are primarily Swiss-built and operated. For worldwide river cruise ships, Riviera uses MV Mekong Prestige on the Mekong and for Nile cruises, there’s MS Darakum.

Five luxurious yachts whisk you away to the jewels of the Dalmatian Coast and if you fancy an intimate cruising atmosphere then opt for one of Riviera’s three smaller ships. MV Yasawa Princess, for example, only holds 56 passengers.

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Royal Clipper is Riviera’s answer to a tall ship, with capacity for 222 passengers and featuring a wind-driven hull through the tall sails.

Riviera also has an expedition cruise ship, MV Ocean Atlantic, newly renovated in 2016 with high manoeuvrability and strong engines.

Discover the stunning Port of Gruz in Croatia with Riviera Travel. Credit: Shutterstock

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Where do cruise ships dock?

The beauty of river cruising is that you can dock right in the centre of countless interesting cities, but when it comes to ocean cruising you may wonder where Riviera cruise ships actually dock – let’s take a look at five busy cruise ports…

Croatia’s cruise port is the Port of Gruz, located two miles from the Old City – and is the second-largest port in the country.

Dubrovnik is a similar distance away from its cruise terminal at around 3km distance from the Old Town – or a €13 taxi.

What to wear on a Riviera Travel river cruise ship?

Make the most of an informal cruise style and ditch the ballgowns – instead, pack something comfortable and casual.

Wander around the historic Dubrovnik in light, floaty clothing in summertime. Credit: Shutterstock

For daytime summer wear, ensure you have a pair of comfortable walking shoes and loose-fitting clothes that you feel comfortable in – especially in the heat.

Perhaps choose a pair of your trusty jeans and a cap-sleeved top for your cruise excursions around an idyllic village or various historic monuments.

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In the evening, the casual theme continues, but of course, if you want to dress up you are more than welcome to wear a flattering cocktail dress or a blazer. Typically, guests will be dressed in open-necked shirts or a sparkly top with a pashmina on hand for ventures up to the top deck.

Autumn or winter river cruises, of course, call for different attire. Layers are super important for keeping warm (or stripping back if you get too hot) so make sure you have plenty of tops, jumpers, hats, scarfs, gloves packed as well as a waterproof jacket.

Tea and coffee are both included in a Riviera Travel cruise. Credit: Shutterstock

What’s included in a Riviera Travel river cruise?

Luckily for Brits, tea and coffee are included onboard, courtesy of Riviera Travel, with a handy machine in communal areas as well as facilities in your room.

Other drinks can be enjoyed as part of a drinks package, where the prices differ depending on the length of the cruise.

The drinks package includes draught beer, non-alcoholic beer, soft drinks, red, white and rosé house wines with lunch and dinner – just don’t drink it all at once!

Excursions are included with Riviera, so you can craft your cruise specifically to your wants and needs via the wide range of optional excursions available.

Gratuities are not included with Riviera Travel. Credit: Shutterstock

Are gratuities included with Riviera Travel?

Although gratuities are not included with Riviera Travel, tips are not charged at a set amount and are entirely at your discretion.

Riviera Travel offers a rough guideline of around €8 to €12 per person per day – an envelope is provided in your cabin on the last night for you to drop off in reception if you wish.

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Tips are divided equally among the crew so if you do choose to tip, you can be sure that everyone who made your journey such a pleasure will benefit.

Alternatively, if you want to give your gratuity directly to your cruise director and concierge, then you can – the choice is yours.

Discover the peaceful Rhône river with Riviera Travel. Credit: Shutterstock

Riviera Travel Rhône cruises

Riviera is known for its comprehensive Rhône river cruises on which you can wind your way through France. Measuring 813km, the river encompasses all the beauty of the French countryside and eclectic cities such as Lyon.

Riviera offers one crafted itinerary down the Rhône – Burgundy, the River Rhône & Provence River Cruise onboard the stunning MS William Shakespeare or MS Lord Bryon. Both ships hold only 140 people and boast sustainably sourced tropical hardwoods, luxurious deep armchairs and more – lucky you.

A cruise down the Rhône is perfect for both seasoned travellers and those new to cruise. Explore key ports such as Avignon, Beaune and Arles, all home to an array of interesting sights.

Admire the beauty of the Provençal city, Arles, which is famously known to have inspired around 300 of Van Gogh’s works, or wander down the iconic half-bridge, standing over 48 metres high, in Avignon Pont du Gard. Fun fact: the Pont Du Gard was actually built without using mortar as the stones were perfectly cut to fit together instead.

The gorgeous views are not restricted to off-board. Riviera sails through one of France’s most picturesque landscapes to admire on deck – the Ardèche Gorges. Admire the power of mother nature with staggering limestones cliffs that fall into the peaceful waters of the river framed by impressive rock formations.

You can also embark on cruise excursions with Riviera, from wine tasting in Beaune to guided tours about the depth of history behind Avignon’s Pont du Gard.

Holiday with the reassurance of the satisfaction guarantee – this means that if you somehow aren’t pleased with your cruising experience, Riviera will bring you home at no extra cost and offer you a full refund – result.

The Seine river takes you through green landscapes. Credit: Shutterstock

Riviera Travel Seine river cruise

The iconic city of Paris awaits you on a Seine river cruise. This highlight is boosted by your further explorations of the lush countryside in Northern France.

The Seine is the second-longest river in France after the Loire at 777km long so as you start your Seine river cruise in Paris, enjoy the weeklong journey travelling to the coast and stopping off at intriguing ports along the way.

Onboard MS Jane Austen, you can relax as you glide alongside peaceful waters and take advantage of the personalised 4:1 ratio service.

Hit all the Parisian hotspots, starting with the Eiffel Tower before going onto the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysees, Musée d’Orsay, the Louvre, Place de la Concorde and the Tuileries Gardens.

Rouen is a hotspot where you can wander around the cobbled streets to explore antique shops and quaint clothing boutiques. Admire the Notre-Dame cathedral that rises above the surrounding buildings at 151 metres – the tallest in France.

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Get your cameras out for Honfleur – this picturesque paradise boasts over 1,000 years of history and offers countless spots of history and culture. The town is known for its old port that was key in the Middle Ages as well as its strong ties with artists such as Gustave Courbet and Claude Monet.

What’s better, you can enjoy a total of nine visits and tours, including guided tours of Rouen, Honfleur and Paris as well as excursions to Monet’s iconic house and the Bayeux Tapestry.

With all Riviera Travel cruises, if you don’t fancy flying you have the option to travel by Eurostar so you can enjoy the picturesque views out of the window.

Solo travellers aren’t left out of the equation as Riviera has implemented a no single supplement on selected 2022 dates with the addition of extra solo cabins to accommodate singletons.

Luckily for you, 2022 and 2023 are on sale now so if you’re feeling inspired then check them out!

Experience the Danube onboard Riviera Radiance. Credit: Shutterstock

Riviera Travel Danube river cruise

The Danube is a great river cruise destination, offering up a range of music, history and beautiful river banks.

Flowing through four national capital cities, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade, the Danube stretches across 1,785 miles.

Music lovers will enjoy sailing through the very waters that inspired the genius that is Johann Strauss's waltz and lullaby. Other famous musicians also stemmed from places dotted along this river, such as Mozart in Salzburg as well as Beethoven in Brahms.

Explore one of Hungary's oldest towns, Esztergom, where you can admire impressive architecture such as the neoclassical basilica.

Another port of call you can look forward to is Vienna, also known as the city of culture. Hit the main spots such as Saint Stephen's Cathedral and the Gothic South Tower that both make up the skyline.

If you want to delve deeper into Vienna, Budapest or Prague then you can with Riviera's Tour Extension options.

With a range of three and four-night extensions, you can truly personalise your cruise experience.

Discover the beautiful cities that sit alongside the Rhine. Credit: Shutterstock

Riviera Travel Rhine river cruise

Riviera Travel Rhine river cruise is an all-encompassing experience that travels 766 miles from the Swiss Alps all the way to Rotterdam.

You will be able to dive into six different countries headfirst via the Rhine- such as Amsterdam, Bruges, Arnhem and Cologne - lucky you.

It comes as no surprise that the Rhine River is one of the most popular in the world. While the Danube beats out the Rhine in terms of length, the Rhine features a diverse landscape for its length.

Basel is a fascinating port to visit and despite it being classed as Switzerland it fuses French and German influences in its architecture and history.

Koblenz is a magical city, even more so at Christmas time. At 2,000 years old, Koblenz boasts being part of the UNESCO World Heritage with it's Upper Middle Rhine Valley as well as the stunning traditional Christmas markets during the festive season - we can't think of a better way to get into the Christmas spirit!

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