Cruise Line Cunard Makes Series Of Generous Food Donations To Charity

Author: Isabella Sullivan

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Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria made the donations to UK charity, UKHarvest

Following the coronavirus pandemic, many families and vulnerable people across the UK have been struggling to make ends meet.

While the virus has too affected the cruise industry, that didn’t stop beloved British cruise line Cunard from stepping in and making a series of donations to charity.

Cunard has made a series of food donations to UK-based charity UKHarvest over the past four weeks, and they all happened with the help of two of there legendary ships – Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria.

UKHarvest is a non-profit organisation that collects and rescues excess food from commercial outlets and delivers it, free of charge, to local charities working directly with those in need.

Mini cruises Cunard Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria joined forces with Queen May 2

Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria are both currently moored in UK waters, and with no guests on board and mouths to feed, the ships donated 25 pallets (23 tons) of their supplies to the operation.

Food donations included frozen and chilled fruit and veg, and mountains of dry supplies like staple pantry food, cereal and treats like chocolate.

“The Cunard team, both ship and shore, are so pleased to have been able to make a small difference with these donations, especially at this time when so many people globally are going through such a difficult time,” said Cunard executive chef, Nicholas Oldroyd.

“We would like to thank our partners, including the Port of Southampton, in making this happen.”

Showing appreciation for the cruise line, UKHarvest founder and CEO Yvonne Thomson added: “This contribution of nutritious food has been incredible, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

“We have been able to donate to Covid-19 Emergency Centres, deliver food parcels to vulnerable people and ensure that school children have been fed. This is the beginning of a relationship with Cunard and we can’t thank Cunard enough for their generosity.”

Cunard’s three queens may out of action for now, but luxury lovers will be happy to know the cruise line will be starting sailings again fron November.