MSC Cruises Reveal More Details About Ocean Cay

Author: Josh Stephenson

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Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve opens to the public in November

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve opens to the public in November

MSC Cruises has revealed more details about its ‘one-of a-kind’ island experience, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, that opens to guests from 9 November this year on four MSC Cruises ships: MSC Seaside, MSC Meraviglia, MSC Divina and MSC Armonia.

With Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, MSC Cruises is transforming a former industrial sand extraction site into a flourishing marine reserve and private island destination that will exist in harmony with the local ecosystem.

Around the island lies 64 square miles of protected waters and a coral nursery is being established to encourage and sustain the growth of new coral.

Plans are underway for a marine laboratory to be situated on Ocean Cay that will research climate change-resistant coral in hopes of providing insights to similar island habitats.

But what will be available to guests?

Well, there will be seven distinct beach areas to enjoy, so guests can choose to switch off from it all or get involved with beach games and water sports.

You can explore four distinct shopping areas which – most intriguingly – includes a traditional Bahamian Shop & Market offering authentic arts and crafts by local artisans and Bahamian companies to complement the spirit of the Bahamas.

Elsewhere, there will be an on-island buffet located near the family lagoon and food trucks dotted about the island offering a quick bite (such as tacos and authentic Caribbean cuisine).

Looking for a drink? Head to one of the island’s four different bars, including one themed around everyone’s favourite hard-drinking novelist Ernst Hemingway (sorry, Fitzgerald).

MSC Cruises’ CEO Gianni Onorato explains, “Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve will bring something new and unique to our Caribbean itineraries from Miami and Havana and is set to become a truly memorable highlight for our guests.

“We have created a guest experience that complements the breath-taking natural beauty of this remarkable part of the Caribbean. There was no need for us to build extensively on an island that already had the ingredients of a natural paradise.”