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60-Day World Cruise Liner - Auckland to London (Dover)

  • 60 nights, departs on the 26th Apr 2024
  • Princess Cruises, Coral Princess
  • Auckland, Bay of Islands, Sydney, New South Wales + 27 more
£8,319*pp for an Inside Cabin
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Princess Cruises has a fleet of 14 ships ranging in size from 2,000 passengers to 3,560 passengers. Princess is widely credited for having introduced millions of Americans to the concept of a modern cruise holiday and the line is still innovating to this day with the launch of the latest member of its fleet, Enchanted Princess, at the end of last year. The 3,660-guest vessel is 1,083 feet in length and 217 feet in height. Enchanted Princess will soon be joined by Royal-class ship Discovery Princess in the Spring of 2022. Meanwhile, Princess is busy kitting out the rest of the fleet with Ocean Medallion – the line’s innovative wearable tech feature that allows touchless entry to staterooms, passengers to track family members and friends on board and order food and drinks. Princess is famed for its Alaska sailings, but also offers cruises all over the world.

Cruise Itinerary

Day 1
Your adventure begins in Auckland
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Day 43
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Coral Princess, ship details

Specially designed to travel the Canal and the Gulf of Alaska, the ship offers passengers many distinctive personal choice cruising options available on the line's larger vessel...

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£8,319 *pp


£8,519 *pp

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£15,379 *pp


£10,959 *pp

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£8,319*pp for an Inside Cabin
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