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When Explora Journeys’ debut ship Explora 1 launches in July, guests will be treated to some sensational cuisine. Here’s a little taster of what to expect...

It’s not every day that we welcome a brand new cruise line, and luxury operator Explora Journeys will be making quite a splash in 2023 – especially if you love gourmet cuisine.

Explora – an offshoot of Swiss-based cruise giant MSC – has been recruiting some of the world’s top culinary talent to develop its onboard menus, and here two of its celebrated chefs reveal a little about their favourite recipes...

Wagyu beef with wakame and Kampot pepper. Credit: Explora Journeys

Wagyu beef with wakame and Kampot pepper


‘We use the finest Grade 5 Kobe beef for this recipe, and we just burn it with a gas torch after marinating in teriyaki sauce,’ says Explora’s Head of Culinary, Franck Garanger. ‘That creates a smoky flavour, while wakame seaweed brings a balancing freshness, and fried shallots add an appealing crispness in the mouth.’


· 600g wagyu beef sirloin, cut into 4cm cubes
· 20ml teriyaki sauce
· 80g shallots, sliced into thin rings
· 200g wakame seaweed salad (ready to serve)
· 1 box micro-cress
· 5g smoked black Kampot pepper


1. At least 12 hours before serving, place the beef in the teriyaki sauce and leave in the fridge to marinate
2. When ready to serve, fry the shallots until crisp, then set aside
3. Scorch the beef cubes with a gas torch until browned on all sides
4. Slice each cube into five and place on the plate with wakame salad
5. Finish with micro-cress, crispy shallots and smoked pepper

Cocoa Valley dark chocolate soufflé. Credit: Explora Journeys

Cocoa Valley dark chocolate soufflé


‘We use chocolate from Cocoa Valley in Cameroon,’ says Christophe Sapy, Head of Pastry for Explora Journeys. ‘This is sustainable and organic, and its brilliant balance of acidity with powerful cocoa flavours makes our soufflé the perfect dessert for chocolate lovers.’


· 65g fine-quality dark chocolate, minimum 70 per cent cocoa
· 6 large eggs, whites only
· 500g caster sugar
· 400g unsalted butter, melted


1. In a bain Marie, melt the chocolate at 70C
2. In a second bain Marie, warm the egg white with 100g of the sugar to 45C, then remove from the heat and whisk until shiny and silky
3. Whisk a quarter of the egg mixture into the melted chocolate
4. Slowly add the remaining egg mixture, folding in with a rubber spatula
5. Brush the inside of each individual soufflé mould with melted butter
6. Coat the inside of each mould with sugar, and tip out the excess
7. Pipe the soufflé mix into the moulds and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 8 to 9 minutes

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