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Edwina Lonsdale: Why you should cruise during the off-peak season

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Managing director of Mundy Cruising Edwina Lonsdale evaluates the off-peak cruise season and her favourite destinations to visit

As we head into summer, those of us not bound by school holidays hunker down at home, planning to get moving again in the off season: it’s less hassle and cheaper too!

It’s usually weather that defines a destination’s ‘off season’ but don’t let that deter you.

April in the Med may be chilly at times, so prices are lower than in June or July, but the spring flowers will be at their best and all those tiny villages won’t yet be clogged with tour buses.

Experience Amsterdam's tulips in spring with a themed cruise. Credit: Avalon Waterways

Likewise, late-season European river cruising is a great option for crisp days, beautiful autumn colours and charming Christmas markets.

It also offers a far better climate for cycle rides along the river bank or hiking in the hills. And who doesn’t love a mug of hot cocoa after a busy morning’s sightseeing?

Another great ‘off ’ option is the repositioning cruise, when a line needs to move a ship somewhere else in the world.

Typically these are transatlantic voyages in March/ April and November. There aren’t many stops, but if you love the idea of long, relaxing days at sea, reading, making friends or even learning a new skill, why not?

With hotel prices shooting skywards, a great value cruise is an even more brilliant bargain than ever.

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