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The best way to explore Portugal and Spain is on a Douro River cruise. If you are looking for the best Douro River cruise 2022, 2023, or 2024, you’re in the right place.

Since Douro cruises have only been navigable since the construction of a dam and lock system in the 1980s, Douro cruises remain a hidden gem.

So, where is the Douro in Portugal? The wine region is centered on the Douro River which forms part of the border between Spain and Portugal. Largely untouched by tourists, the region along Portugal’s most famous waterway has retained much of its authentic charm. A journey along the “Golden River” Douro takes guests to an enchanting countryside brimming with with the history of estates, villages and vineyards. The region is well known for its long history of winemaking, and Douro River cruise holidays would be incomplete without taking advantage of the extraordinary wine and wine tasting activities, such as the wine cellars in Porto.

A cruise along the Douro River stretches from Porto in Portugal to the Spanish border. Most cruises depart from Porto, home to an exceptional culinary scene, including food markets, elegant dining rooms and traditional taverns. With Douro Valley cruises from Porto, this starting point deserves exploration, boasting palaces and cathedrals, which all contribute to an authentic feel along narrow, cobbled streets.

Aside from Douro cruises from Porto, another popular stop on most Douro cruises is the quaint and picturesque town of Pinhao, in the heart of the wine country. Cruises down the Douro River also typically include a stop at Regau, a livelier place that welcomes visitors with museums, waterside cafes and bars. Other locations along a Douro River cruise itinerary include Braga, Vila Real, Lamego, Barca d'alva, and Ferradosa in Portugal, and historic Salamanca in Spain. Longer itineraries may include cities such as Libson or Madrid.

When searching for the best river cruises, Douro undoubtedly has lots to offer. Find out more about how to book the best Douro River cruises 2022, 2023, 2024 & beyond below.

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Douro River Cruises: Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear on a Douro River cruise?

So, what to wear on a Douro River cruise? During the day, guests typically dress casually and comfortably while they cruise up the Douro River. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes such as trousers, skirts or shorts, and t-shirts and jumpers. It is also important to wear shoes suitable for walking. River cruises do not typically have formal nights, although some people choose to dress up in the evening.

What to pack on a Douro River cruise?

It is important to keep in mind that river cruises are rather informal, and you'll want to be prepared for many excursions. Due to the changing weather, you'll want to be set for all eventualities. Below is a list of what to pack for a Douro River cruise.

  • Casual clothes
  • Rain gear
  • Walking shoes
  • Scarves and gloves
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Insect repellent

What is the best time for a Douro River cruise?

Douro River cruise packages range in length from six to 15 days, but if you’re looking for a shorter duration of time, you can find anything from a three-day Douro River cruise to a five-day Douro River cruise. With months of warm weather and mild winters, river cruises in Portugal enjoy a longer cruising season.

Most Douro cruises start in March and run through late November, though a growing number of cruise lines offer itineraries into December as well. The best time for a Douro River cruise is from June to October, with warm and sunny weather during the summertime, and nice breezes during harvest season with cooler autumn temperatures.

If you are hoping to find a cheap Douro River cruise, consider travelling anywhere from March to May. You may experience cooler, rainier temperatures, but all for an affordable price on one of Europe’s best river destinations when seeking for Douro River cruise deals. This makes a Douro cruise accessible at almost all times of the year, apart from January and February. There are plenty of options for the best time for a Douro River cruise, all depending on your preference of weather and what you want from the holiday.

What is the best Douro River cruise line?

Depending on the type of holiday you want, there are many options for a Douro River cruise according to your choice of itinerary, price, cruise line and style. Below are some Douro cruise options.

Scenic: If you’re looking for a Scenic Douro River cruise, Scenic offers its expertise in luxury river cruises and fantastic itineraries.

AmaWaterways: If you’re looking for an Ama Douro river cruise, AmaWaterways offers high-rated ships with popular itineraries.

A-ROSA: When searching for the best Douro River cruise, Porto remains a popular starting point. A-Rosa's Douro River cruises from Porto offer more affordable cruises with a relaxed atmosphere.

CroisiEurope: If you’re looking for Croisi Douro River cruises, Croisi offers port-to-port cruises with fabulous itineraries.

UNIWORLD: If you’re looking for a UNIWORLD Douro river cruise, UNIWORLD offers luxurious river cruises to Douro.

Emerald Waterways: If you’re looking for an Emerald Douro River cruise, Emerald offers great value cruising for moderately priced journeys.

Viking River Cruises: If you’re looking for a Viking Douro River cruise, Viking offers comfortable river cruises with rich itineraries.

Riviera Travel: If you’re looking for a Riviera Douro River cruise, Riviera Travel offers carefully crafted itineraries with intimate cruise experiences.

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