A solo cruise is an excellent idea if you're looking to experience exciting destinations and make new friends. Credit: Cruise.co.uk

Solo travellers opting for cruise holidays, survey finds

Author: Kaye Holland

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New research has revealed that solo travellers are opting for a holiday-at-sea

The survey – organised by cruise specialist Cruise.co.uk and completed by 800 people – found that more than two-thirds of those questioned (70 per cent) would choose a cruise over a land-based holiday for a solo trip.

Meanwhile, 40 per cent of those of employment age would consider taking their job onboard while remote working.

When it comes to destinations, sailing from the UK to Europe was the preferred choice for single cruisers, with more than half of respondents selecting this option. The Caribbean came in second place, with 32 per cent opting for sunnier sailings.

Tony Andrews, cruise.co.uk managing director, said: "It’s clear that cruising is becoming an increasingly popular option for solo travellers, offering a convenient and safe way to explore the world.

"Cruises provide so much onboard through their entertainment, spa facilities and restaurant choices. When combined with the ability to see multiple destinations, in the safety and comfort of a cruise ship, it’s clear why a holiday at sea is the preferred choice for solo travel."

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