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Trust the experts: Oceania Cruises know how to curate perfect travel experiences

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Oceania Cruises’ team of destination specialists curate enriching and inspiring itineraries with endless adventures for every style of cruiser

A cruise is far more than just the ship you happen to be sailing aboard. We trust our cruise lines to craft itineraries that showcase the very best of the region we’re visiting, and we continue to rely on their expert knowledge for ideas of what to do when ashore too.

And that’s where Oceania Cruises’ leading team of destination experts comes into the picture. With a collection of over 600 unique and wonderful ports across the globe, it takes a committed team of specialists to package up the very best for us to enjoy during our time in ports.

Of course, we get to meet those members of the team who sail with us as destination experts, but Oceania Cruises’ commitment to delivering authentic destination immersion means there’s a whole flotilla of travel afficionados in the background scouting interesting shore excursions, and mapping out intriguing and unusual routes that take us deeper into the heart of a destination than many major lines are able to go.

More time in port for deeper immersion
Guided by the line’s brand pillar of ‘curated travel experiences’, Oceania Cruises’ itineraries are renowned for lengthy port stays, with late departures and frequent over night stays in port.

This means that you can enjoy those delicious aperitivi in that much-loved local bar on the Amalfi Coast. Enjoy the ports as if you lived there and return home knowing that you’ve truly connected with the soul of the destination.

Travel isn’t just about taking a picture, it’s about connecting deeper with the essence of a place, and Oceania Cruises makes this possible whether you’ve got seven days of annual leave remaining or 180 days of adventure to fill.

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Antarctica: a truly mesmerising experience
Ask someone who’s travelled to Antarctica what their favourite cruise is and I’m fairly confident I already know their answer.

This unmatched perspective on the world showcases our miraculous planet unlike anything else. Marvel at the beauty, be humbled by the magnificence, and enriched by the experience.

In fact, Marina will be offering three opportunities to explore Antarctica this upcoming season. Departing from both Rio de Janeiro and Santiago de Chile, Marina’s meticulously planned voyages do what Oceania Cruises does best: they take you further. Literally.

Most Antarctica cruises round Cape Horn and call it a day. Not here! Marina will sail a further three days further south to explore the glistening glaciers that tower imposingly out of the icy water. Plus, with an Antarctic expedition team made up of highly trained experts, you’ll absorb so much about this other-worldly world on earth.

Antarctica is one of the world’s last untouched wildlife strongholds. Credit: Shutterstock

Endless adventures: so many styles of shore excursion to choose from
There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to travel, so Oceania Cruises’ excursion curation team have designed a portfolio of nine excursion styles to match a whole host of different travel interests. Each style enables guests to immerse themselves in the destination in a personally meaningful way, creating uniquely memorable holidays.

Evening excursions capitalise on the line’s penchant for late departures and overnight port stays, while Culinary Discovery Tours TM extend the line’s ‘Finest Cuisine at Sea’ tagline into the port experience too.

If private tours are your preference, the Executive Collection gives you undivided attention of a dedicated driver and guide. Or perhaps it’s all about hearing truly local voices? Then you’ll want to dive in selection of Go Local tours, which invite you to weave yourself into the fabric of local society.

Guests can already start exploring excursion options ahead of time on the line’s website.

Marina blends sophistication with a contemporary flair to create a casually elegant ambiance.. Credit: Oceania Cruises
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