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Credit: Channel 5

Jane McDonald reveals 'shocking' behaviour of crew when she worked on cruise ships

Author: Harriet Mallinson

Published on:

Updated on:

Jane McDonald fans are being treated to repeats of her hit show Cruising with Jane McDonald this month. In the latest episode, she shared insight into cruise crew life.

Jane McDonald found fame performing on cruise ships so it's unsurprising she has the inside scoop on what working as crew is like.

In the Great Lakes episode of Cruising With Jane McDonald which Channel 5 aired at the weekend, Jane revealed how different crew life used to be.

While travelling to Alaska on Holland America Line's Nieuw Amsterdam the singer visited the ship's theatre.

"It's a lovely feeling for me to come in here and watch the young cast," Jane tells the camera.

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She explains all cruise ships performers now need to be able to sing and dance and "standards are high."

Jane goes backstage to visit the performers who are getting ready and quizzes them on their nerves.

She divulges that life was quite different back when she was on cruise ships.

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Jane reveals they would enjoy a nip of alcohol for some Dutch courage.

"We were totally unprofessional 20 years ago - we used to have music going and then a quick brandy," she tells the troupe.

Jane with singers
Jane McDonald: "We used to have music going and then a quick brandy," she told the troupe. Credit: Channel 5

Realising they might be surprised by her admission she adds: "Take no notice of what I just said there."

Later, Jane adds how much fun they use to have when she worked on Celebrity Cruises.

"We had a good time," she said. "The youngsters of today are all very clean living, they're all very health conscious and we were just not," she laughs, "We were shocking."

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The singer also admits cruise food was not as good when she was younger and that a "taste of home" was welcome.

"We never ate this well when we were crew," she tells viewers as she tucks into the breakfast buffet.

Jane breakfast
Jane McDonald: "We never ate this well when we were crew," she tells viewers. Credit: Channel 5

"You were lucky if you got a cheese sandwich but a full English breakfast when you've been away at sea a long time as a crew member is like a reminder of home. It sounds pathetic but that little taste of home just keeps you going."

In the Cruising With Jane McDonald episode, Jane also reveals one of her top tips for cruises.

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"Having worked on cruise ships for eight years I discovered cruising's best-kept secret," she explains.

The trick, Jane says, is to stay onboard the vessel when everyone else gets off.

"You have the ship to yourself and all the staff are still here and places like the spa and the salons are much less busy," the star advises.

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