Top tips on how to eat healthily on a cruise - a guide to staying trim

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Avalon Waterways reimagines what healthy eating looks like on a cruise with a delectable range of food options in the form of Avalon Fresh.

Fresh, filling and full of goodness – what more could you want? Avalon Waterways’ Avalon Fresh allows you to keep on track with your healthy eating plans while still enjoying an amazing cruising experience.

The Avalon Fresh dining experience is not limited to one restaurant onboard – this healthy mindset towards eating is implemented throughout the entirety of restaurants and eateries onboard, so the option to eat healthily is always there for you.

Let’s clear this up now – healthy does not necessarily mean boring! And Avalon Fresh really hammers this point home with delicious meals such as French vegetable rice stew with olives, fresh herbs and white wine available to order for dinner.

Discover how to stay healthy on a cruise, and how Avalon Fresh can help you stay on track.

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Avalon Fresh

Avalon Fresh ensures you can enjoy your cruise without worrying about your health.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a full-blown meat lover, you can be sure to find a delicious yet healthy plate of food to curb your cravings with Avalon Waterways.

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Four-course dinners, continental breakfasts and al fresco lunches are all things that you can continue to enjoy – without the guilt.

By utilising fresh, local and quality ingredients, the talented onboard chefs will give you a dining experience that is exciting and varied – just like the ports you visit.

With Avalon FlexDining, you can choose when you want to eat so you can craft each day around exactly what you want to do.

Choose from a wide range of healthy dinner options with Avalon Fresh. Credit: Avalon Waterways

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The less formal dining options also mean that you can sit back, relax and take your time to truly appreciate the wide range of healthy dining options you have to choose from with Avalon.

French onion soup with cheese croutons and vanilla marinated apples and raisins drizzled with pistachio nuts are just two of the countless Avalon Fresh dinner options you can choose from.

For the meat-eaters - you have the option to create your own main course by combining grilled chicken breast, grilled beef tenderloin or grilled salmon with the side dish of the day to create a healthy alternative.

The collaborative masterminds behind Avalon Fresh are Australian brothers, Leo and Karl Wrenkh, who innovate in the healthy dining field to ensure that if you want to eat healthily on your cruise with Avalon, you can with ease.

Enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice and fuel yourself for the day. Credit: Avalon Waterways

Our top tips: How to stay healthy on a cruise

1. Fuel up at breakfast time

It isn’t called the most important meal of the day for nothing. Breakfast is the ideal time to pack in the food which will power you throughout your busy day of exploring.

Avalon offers a healthy corner, which includes low calorie, fat and cholesterol choices as well as high energy and fibre options - if you can stay away from the pastries that is!

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2. Fill up on fruit and veggies

We have all heard of the balanced plate, 50 percent vegetables, 25 percent healthy carbs and 25 percent lean protein – hands up how many of you stick to this?

Your cruise with Avalon is the ideal time to perfect your food group balance and ensure you are fuelling yourself properly with greens.

To get your exercise fix you can simply wander around the circumference of the ship. Credit: Avalon Waterways

3. Remember to drink …water

Of course, with complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks included with dinner and lunch (and even sparkling wine with breakfast) it is easy to drink everything else except for water.

Make sure to find one of the many filtered water refill stations and drink a good amount of water each day to stay hydrated and reduce unnecessary snacking – especially when in hot climates.

4. Get your steps in

If you aren’t an avid gym-goer then not to worry – to stay healthy simply remember to get up and move!

Whether this is wandering around a beautiful port of call or doing a few laps of the ship to take in the surrounding landscape, whatever works for you.

Combined with eating from the Avalon Fresh range onboard, you can maintain your fitness levels.

5. Look for the Avalon Fresh sign

Next to the lunch and dinner menus, Avalon Waterways can guide you in making the healthy choice with a small ‘A’ symbol next to the healthy dishes on the menu.

By opting for these dishes, you can be content in your choice to eat, well, fresh.

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