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Silversea Cruises: Ultra-luxury line unveils wellness programme 'unlike any other'

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Silversea Cruises has announced its pioneering wellness programme on brand new cruise ship Silver Dawn, which is set to launch in spring 2022.

Silversea Cruises continued to cement its place as an ultra-luxury cruise line today as it unveiled its pioneering new wellness programme Otium.

Diverged from already existing wellness programmes, Otium encourages a balance of indulgence, pleasure and pampering over sacrifice and delayed gratification.

Otium’s principles are built around the idea that wellness should be natural; something that is an enjoyable part of life that can be shared with others.

The wellness programme onboard the Silversea Cruises cruise ship will provide its guests with a customised, multi-dimensional wellness journey.

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The journey will begin in some of Silver Dawn’s most spacious suites, eventually moving into a reimagined spa where a plethora of treatments will be offered.

Silver Dawn’s spa will also be redesigned with Otium in mind.

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The Chief Commercial Officer of Silversea Cruises, Barbara Muckermann described the new spa experience: “Silversea has long excelled at enabling guests to ‘travel deeper in luxury.’

“While the immersive aspect of our offering is easy to convey, the luxuriousness of our product can often seem intangible: guests really need to see it – to live it – to fully appreciate it."

Wellness: The journey will begin in some of Silver Dawn’s most spacious suites. Credit: Silversea Cruises

Barbara continued: “Otium is unlike any other wellness programme; it aligns perfectly with our brand positioning and will weave a tapestry of unprecedented comfort around our guests.

“It will revolve around instant gratification, extending the luxurious pampering for which Silversea is famous to different areas of the ship, from guests’ suites to the redesigned spa area and beyond.

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“Otium will transform the way guests relax and enjoy their personal space. It will be an elevation of our already high levels of comfort.”

There are five key pillars to Silversea’s new wellness programme.

Silver Dawn: The Otium bathing experience will extend into suite bathrooms. Credit: Silversea Cruises

The Otium sleeping experience focuses on guests experiencing an exceptional night’s rest through individual specialization, the finest Egyptian cotton linens and a special Otium-inspired mattress.

The Otium bathing experience will extend into suite bathrooms, optimising guests’ personal spaces.

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Each suite will offer guests both a walk-in shower and a bath, where cruisers will have access to a bathing experience prepared by butlers full of Otium bathrobes, exclusive bath salts and soothing candle lights.

The Otium balcony experience will bring luxury to guests’ private balconies for the first dedicated balcony experience at sea.

Silver Dawn: The Otium Spa Experience will offer guests a highly selective treatment menu. Credit: Silversea

Guests’ experiences will be curated based on the climate the cruise is sailing in.

Whether the treatment takes place in cold weather with warm, cashmere blankets and a hot chocolate or in the heath sunbathing with body mists and delicious cocktails, Otium has a plan.

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Silversea’s ships already offer a luxurious dining experience, and now with The Otium Comfort Food Experience, Silversea is only enhancing this offering with lobster and caviar in brioche rolls to gourmet popcorn for movie night.

Lastly, The Otium Spa Experience will offer guests a highly selective treatment menu, designed by wellness experts for optimum relaxation.

Enjoy relaxing massages, unwind in the spa’s thermal areas with a glass of champagne or signature snack or treat yourself to a rejuvenating treatment in the salon.

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