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Princess Cruises offers first authentic gelato experience at sea

Author: Saskia Den Boon

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Treat yourself like royalty by savouring Princess Cruises’ newest sweet treat.

Authentic Italian gelato has come onboard Princess Cruises this summer and, unless you’re headed to Italy, chances are you won’t be able to experience gelato of this quality anywhere else.

Princess’s seafaring gelato shops have been designated as ‘Ospitalia Italiana which is basically an official stamp of approval from the Italian government certifying that their gelato is authentic (and tasty).

Pastry chef, Eric Le Rouzic who trained at Gelato Carpigiani University in Bologna and the Gelato Comprital Atheneum in Milan makes his handcrafted gelato using only top-of-line equipment and the freshest of ingredients, all sourced straight from Italy.

The new gelato is not only certifiably delicious: it also captures Princess Cruises’ passion for providing travellers with authentic cultural experiences.

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The gelato captures Princess Cruises’ passion for providing travellers with authentic cultural experiences. Credit: Princess Cruises

John Padgett, Princess Cruises president, said: “The Ospitalità Italiana is a tremendous extension of our Italian heritage and gives us the opportunity to immerse our guests into the unique Italian culture found throughout Italy in our very own piazza.”

“The designation also recognises the incredible dedication of our pastry chefs and their passion to offer truly authentic experiences and the very best ingredients to our guests.”

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From fan-favourites like fior di latte (vanilla) to Italian classics such as tiramisù, the gelato menu has a flavour for every taste with sugar-free and customisable options also available, as well as chance to add Nutella, peaches, and even various liqueurs.

Since the beginning of summer, the authentic gelato experience has wowed guests onboard Princess Cruise Lines' newest three ships: Discovery Princess, Enchanted Princess, and Sky Princess.

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