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Why you should embark on a world cruise for the adventure of a lifetime

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Oceania Cruises offers you the exciting opportunity to discover the most beautiful parts of the world in a leisurely 180 days onboard majestic Insignia – sign us up.

Oceania Cruises’ around the world cruise in 180 days is an ever-popular itinerary for the line, and when you read about the destinations visited, this will come as no surprise.

From the most stunning cities of Asia to the dramatic fjords of New Zealand, you will be in awe at the expanse of destinations you can immerse yourself in.

Come back from your travels with a new lease of life and appreciation for the world around you, implementing the countless nuggets of knowledge you have learned into your daily life.

Take yourself on a journey around some of Oceania Cruises’ most beautiful ports of call visited on not just the world cruise, but countless of the boutique cruise line’s itineraries.

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Cruise to Australia and New Zealand

Take a trip to the land down under and explore both Australia and New Zealand as part of your world tour.


Christchurch, New Zealand, is a stunning city centre that is a one-stop shop for expansive green parks, riverside walks and quirky retail stores.

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Ensure you visit the Botanic Gardens where you can wander around the floral displays alongside the river – maybe take an ultra-relaxing punt tour on the River Avon before ending your visit with a picnic on the grassy banks?

Admire the public artworks which welcome you around every corner as you head to a trendy local bar to engage with the friendly locals.

The laidback waterfront capital of Darwin rewards a visit. Credit: Shutterstock

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As the Northern Territory’s capital city, Darwin in Australia brings buckets of character and adventure – don’t miss the aboriginal art and culture which fills the city with vibrance.

Catch a glimpse of a saltwater crocodile before heading over to the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory which features a 5.1-meter-long saltwater crocodile skeleton – famous for attacking multiple boats in Darwin.

The gallery also houses a fascinating collection of indigenous Australian art.

If you want to see more stunning indigenous Australian creations then be sure to have a look around Mason Gallery where you can gaze at intricate carvings, weavings and paintings from the oldest living culture in the world.

Visit the the award-winning Rainforestation National Park in Cairns, Queensland. Credit: Shutterstock


Cairns, Australia is another highlight on the world cruise and boasts an included exclusive shoreside event, ‘The Wow of Australia’, where you can discover the cultural and natural wonders that Australia brings.

Meet an array of local experts and listen to their intriguing stories on how Australia’s landscape has evolved over the years as well as an insight into sustainability.

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Have a taste of local wine while spotting some unique Australian animals and clapping along to entertainment from the locals.

Hankering for a down-under adventure? You can book onto Oceania’s 79-day Papeete to Cape Town cruise departing February 19, 2024.

Bali allows you to relax, rejuvenate and rekindle your spiritual energy with Holland America Line. Credit: Shutterstock

Cruise through Asia

Asia is a stunning region to cruise through, and Oceania Cruises brings you to a plethora of bucket list destinations such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Shanghai and Hong Kong.


As arguably the most Instagrammable destination in the world, Bali is the place to rekindle your spiritual energy and relax amongst serene beaches and charming local cafes.

Dive headfirst into the crystal-clear water in Bali and take part in surfing lessons or simply snorkel along the coast of eastern towns such as Amed, through waters filled with bright tropical fish and stunning coral reefs.

Bali is a place where yoga instructors are as common as the colourful mopeds which speed around the island so do take part in a yoga class to start, or continue, your wellness journey.

Admire the plentiful history that Tokyo possesses. Credit: Shutterstock


Ultra-modern Tokyo will make you feel as though you have stepped into a completely new world full of possibilities.

Art is one of the main attractions to visiting Tokyo; here you can admire the decades of Japanese art history through the city’s countless museums.

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Even if you don’t make it to an art gallery, there are plenty of public works of art to admire, such as the anime robot statue, which is made to scale.

Of course, the food is another main draw to Tokyo. Navigate the stunning cherry blossoms to find numerous casual noodle joints or high-end sushi restaurants – choose whichever takes your fancy.

Admire the impressive Hong Kong skyline with Oceania Cruises. Credit: Shutterstock

Hong Kong

You are well and truly spoiled with the opportunity to explore another fascinating city, this time it’s Hong Kong.

Start by admiring the truly iconic skyline made up of glistening skyscrapers before exploring the fascinating streets below.

A hypnotic and vibrant atmosphere possesses every corner of Hong Kong, enjoy the chance to experience the most densely populated neighbourhood in the world – an extrovert’s paradise.

Stroll along the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront before visiting Hong Kong’s equivalent to the Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’, the Avenue of Stars, where you can see a central statue of martial arts expert Bruce Lee.

If you like the sound of exploring this region, you can book onto the 82-day Abu Dhabi to Tokyo Grand Voyage, departing on December 29, 2023. Thank us later.

Oceania offers thousands of opportunities on their different ships including Oceania Insignia. Credit: Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises’ Exclusive Prestige Package

The Exclusive Prestige Package is the must-have package onboard Oceania’s world cruise and – trust us – you will be truly spoiled.

Choose between 78 free shore excursions, a free beverage package or a free £5,860 shipboard credit.

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And that’s not all, you can also enjoy a host whole of free things. Get your teeth stuck into the following: free gratuities, onboard medical care, internet, laundry services, exclusive shoreside events, one-night pre-cruise luxury hotel stay, transfer between hotel and ship and – if that isn’t enough for you – enjoy £751 shipboard credit per stateroom.

Tune into your inner explorer and discover countless new and exciting destinations, all courtesy of Oceania Cruises.

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