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Explore a new side to the Mediterranean this summer with immersive excursions

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Oceania Cruises offers up smaller-sized ships to whisk you away to the stunning Mediterranean region; discover your next summer cruise here…

Don’t settle for anything less and embark on a luxurious cruise to Mediterranean hotspots with Oceania Cruises.

After all, Oceania is known for its small yet undeniably glamorous ships – prepare to be impressed with the Tardis-like nature of the vessels!

Be among the 684 pampered guests onboard Regatta, Insignia, Nautica and Sirena, 1,200 passengers on new ship Vista which launches next Spring, or 1,250 spoiled guests on Marina and Riviera and personalise your cruise experience to suit your every need; enjoy the comfort that follows you throughout the entirety of your journey.

Why not enhance your cruising experience during ports of call too with a range of authentic experiences in the form of Oceania’s Go Local tours in the Mediterranean, where you can explore in small groups to go beyond the typical tourist sites.

Discover the top three Med Go Local tours on offer from Oceania Cruises and learn more about the Mediterranean.

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1. Malaga cruise excursion

Sample a delicious selection of regional cheeses alongside rich sausages and wine on a Goat Farm and Vineyard Go Local tour – talk about foodie heaven.

You will begin by wandering around a traditional goat farm in Malaga and learn from the dairy masters how this delectable regional cheese is made from goat’s milk before tucking into the tasty offerings.

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Next, you will be whisked away to a family farm to learn everything from how to milk a goat to how to press curds into cheese moulds. Fun fact: the more cheese ages, the firmer and smellier it gets!

There will be another cheese tasting opportunity here as well (much to your delight).

What enhances these tours further is being able to interact with local businesses and delve into their way of life – what better way to learn about a destination than with Oceania Cruises?

Discover the food market in Carlo Alberto Square, Italy, and pick up some tasty ingredients such as uniquely-shaped aubergines. Credit: Shutterstock

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2. Italy cruise excursion

See through the eyes of a Sicilian resident and arise in the morning sun to browse Catania’s eclectic markets and navigate around ornate plazas in a small, intimate group as part of the Catania Morning Ramble excursion on this Italian island.

Explore every level of local life – from hunting through a supermarket to find the freshest bread and pastries to admiring the hustle and bustle of an open-air farmers market at Carlo Alberto Square, breathing in the fragrant aromas that differ with each corner you turn.

You may well be unable to resist embarking on a shopping spree yourself, as there is not only food on offer, but you can also purchase household goods and Sicilian clothes here, just to name a few.

You will no doubt have worked up a thirst after your shopping adventure, so stop for a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade with sparkling seltzer water – there is nothing more refreshing on a summer’s day.

Discover how flour is milled in Croatia with Oceania. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Dubrovnik cruise excursion

History and food lovers unite! This Old Traditions in Cadmos & Ljuta Village tour in Croatia allows you to take a step into local Dubrovnik villagers’ lives.

Have you ever wondered how flour is made? That’s right, the thing we pick up in pre-packed bags so easily from the supermarket actually has a long history behind it.

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Watch local villagers demonstrate how flour was made in a water-powered mill and bread baked under an iron dome centuries ago to truly appreciate the craft that goes into this production.

The water-powered mill is a sight to behold, admire one on the Ljuta river (meaning angry in Croatian!) that pumps out a fast flow of water along a thin stream to ground grain between two grindstones to make flour.

Enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread with Oceania Cruises. Credit: Shutterstock

What’s more, on this excursion you can see how wool was traditionally made first-hand in another lengthy process – appreciate the dedication!

Here in Cadmos village, you can follow the humble loaf of bread to completion as you admire the steaming embers that bake the bread to perfection – the smell will make your mouth water.

Oceania Cruises doesn’t simply transport you to destinations, it immerses you in them to feel like a local – what more could you want?

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