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Cruises are expensive & formal... or are they? How Virgin Voyages is busting cruise myths

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Virgin Voyages is here to dismiss all cruising myths and introduce you to the modern cruising experience, full of flexibility, fun and relaxation.

Cruises are boring, too expensive and overly formal… is what some people think. But is this true? Cruise holidays sometimes do get an unfairly bad rap but we believe this is totally unjustified.

Many cruise lines are now trying to attract a new audience, and Virgin Voyages is just one brand breaking the mould.

Virgin Voyages has adopted a different outlook on cruising to target an array of myths and bring cruising into the 21st century with a range of exciting and new additions.

If you think cruising is full of boring, lacklustre stage shows and uncomfortable formal wear then think again - from getting a tattoo onboard to having no set times or dress codes for dining, Virgin innovates when it comes to providing you with a fresh cruising experience.

Discover the truth about cruising and dispel those out-of-date myths from your mind or simply remind yourself of why cruising is so great.

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Myth: You have to dress up on cruises

Don’t get us wrong - dressing up can be fun - but understandably, the fun can be eradicated when dressing up is regulated and enforced onboard.

Luckily Virgin has hit the nail on the head when it comes to a relaxed style of cruising; you can wear whatever you are comfortable in when you dine - whether this is a comfy pair of jeans and jumper or a ballgown - it’s completely up to you.

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Virgin has also ditched the formalities when it comes to set dining times - wave goodbye to the trustworthy buffet and say hello to trying something new in more intimate, tailored dining venues - whenever you fancy it.

From steakhouses and Korean BBQ to elaborate brunches and international food markets, all eateries onboard are included - lucky you.

Not to fear, you can still sip your glass of tipple at whichever dining venue you choose as there is a dedicated bar in each dining speciality.

Spice up your day with a visit to Redemption Spa. Credit: Virgin Voyages

Myth: Cruises are boring

It is safe to say that repeat cruisers already know this is far from the truth and Virgin ensures that the minute you crave entertainment it is right there for you to enjoy.

Day and night, you can fill out your schedule to please you with activities such as group fitness classes, spa sessions, casinos and live shows - there’s something to suit every type of cruiser.

Gone are the days of the stale Broadway show, embrace the immersive and modern entertainment line-up with Virgin.

From a circus retelling of Romeo and Juliet to a technology-driven performance showcasing personal connection - Virgin has certainly thought outside the box.

And it doesn’t stop at stage-based entertainment with Virgin also featuring a two-storey nightclub that oozes 70s punk.

The price of a Virgin Voyages cruise includes all extras, such as boxing facilities. Credit: Virgin Voyages

Myth: Cruises are expensive

One of the biggest myths about cruising is that they are too expensive or overpriced. Yet what people tend to forget is that the total price of a cruise includes absolutely every element of your holiday - from food to entertainment.

Virgin’s cruise fares are certainly generous, including dining at 20-plus restaurants, all basic drinks (such as bottled water, fizzy drinks and sparkling water), free basic Wi-Fi, unlimited group fitness classes as well as all gratuities - result.

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But if that is not enough to convince you how value-for-money cruises are, then you can always keep an eye out for any sales, which are common in the cruising world.

Virgin has recently released its Wave offer for 2022: if you book any voyage on any ship you can enjoy 20 percent off as well as an extra 10 percent off if you pay in full.

Treat yourself to a drink when you step onboard courtesy of Virgin, as the Wave offer also includes over £70 ($100) towards your prepaid bar tab - bottoms up!

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Myth: Cruises only visit repeat ports

The beauty of cruising is that you get to explore multiple destinations all from one convenient base, and with Virgin, you get to explore both your favourite holiday hotspots as well as new ports of call. This is perfect for repeat cruisers or those well-travelled cruise newbies.

If you’ve never cruised with Virgin before, you will have never experienced the serene beauty of Bimini, Virgin’s exclusive private island. You can sit back and relax on a plush day bed and enjoy your drinks package while watching the peaceful motions of the glittering Caribbean Sea - take us there now!

Alternatively, you can explore the popular cruise ports - which are beloved for a reason - such as the architecturally stunning Barcelona or the blue waters of Gran Canaria.

Ultimately, cruising with Virgin is the ideal base to traverse stunning destinations in a way that suits you - convinced yet?

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