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Discover top cruise ship entertainment onboard Seabourn’s Northern Europe 2023 itineraries

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Get ready for some exhilarating entertainment onboard Seabourn’s new Scandinavian cruises this year. Here’s what you can expect…

With Seabourn’s Northern Europe 2023 season, their new cruises sailing around Scandinavian cities, such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam, have brought new high-energy performances and interactive entertainment with them.

From talented musical performers like Greta Salome to hilarious comedy acts coming from Mel Mellers, sailing the seas from one destination to another is just as exciting as jumping off the ship to explore what’s on offer.

Best of all, each new Scandinavian itinerary provides different entertainment options so there’s something for everyone on every cruise…

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Entertainment on Seabourn’s Scandinavia and Germany

Get ready to immerse yourself in a string of Scandinavian cities on a roundtrip from the cycling city of Copenhagen.

Call at well-preserved cities rich in history such as Arendal and Oslo in Norway along with Helsingborg in Sweden.

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Even explore various architectural styles from an array of magnificent museum exteriors, churches and castles in the German city of Wismar and Denmark’s Ronne town.

Alongside visits to these alluring destinations steeped in history, you’ll be joined on board by the Eurovision Song contestant, Greta Salome, and the comedic Mel Mellers.

As an Icelandic violinist, singer and songwriter, Greta Salome has represented her country on Eurovision twice and even made it into the Eurovision grand final in 2012 – resulting in worldwide fame.

The epitome of urban cool, Copenhagen reflects Denmark’s love of understated design. Credit: Shutterstock

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The fjord-facing Scandinavian city of Olso rewards a visit. Credit: Shutterstock

When this talented musician joins you onboard, you can expect to be wowed by her energetic stage presence, beautiful songs including her own originals and phenomenal violin skills.

Alongside an outstanding musical performance, Mel Mellers, the light-hearted comedian will accompany you onboard your ship so that you can enjoy a relaxed comedy set.

Throughout his comedy act, he’ll perform some entertaining magic tricks which will accompany his catchy sense of humour.

If you’ve ever wanted to be pulled up on stage by a famous comedian, your time may come soon on this cruise as Mel Mellers also enjoys bringing audience members up on stage and creating pure comedy.

Embark onboard Seabourn Ovation and get ready to be entertained. Credit: Seabourn

Entertainment on Seabourn’s Gems of the Low Countries

More entrancing entertainment can be enjoyed on Seabourn’s North Cape & Majestic Fjords cruise which departs August 6, 2023, for its 14-day voyage.

Board Seabourn Ovation and travel to an array of unique destinations as a roundtrip from Copenhagen.

Your first port of call will be in Germany, specifically in the wonderful city of Wismar with strong importance linking back to the Hanseatic League.

You can explore this further through the existing, preserved monuments that decorate this pretty city; the architectural discoveries can also continue in the Netherlands stunning Amsterdam after a 3-night sailing along the serene Kiel Canal.

You’ll also visit the popular Belgian chocolate-making region of Brussels in Zeebrugge and dig up Cherbourg’s Maritime history in France through its plethora of D-Day beaches.

Discover Cherbourg’s Maritime history in France with Seabourn. Credit: Shutterstock

Throughout your journey, your Seabourn cruising experience will be lifted by The Dutch Tenors and pianist Bernard Walz.

If you’re a fan of theatrical musical performances and re-inspired covers, you may just love the male quartet performers, The Dutch Tenors.

These rhythmic and highly-talented singers are sure to get your toes tapping as all four voices perfectly match together and create a unified explosion of entrancing sounds.

These formally dressed stars are sure to leave a tear in your eye or sway in your hips; they truly are beautiful to listen to and will leave your evening feeling magical on the ship.

The musical marvels don’t stop there though, this cruise aboard Seabourn Ovation also has another act with other-worldly musical talent for you to enjoy.

Entertainment onboard includes crafted spaces as well as an all-singing and dancing extravaganza. Credit: Seabourn

The musically entrancing Bernard Waltz will bring his world-class talent to you and will perform a combination of live piano music.

He’s performed at renowned venues such as the Sydney Opera House and is known internationally as a diverse pianist with a unique musical flair.

With great itineraries encompassing some of the best ports of call and unforgettable entertainment, you won’t want to miss one of these spectacular cruises.

All of these new Scandinavian cruises with Seabourn are waiting to be discovered in 2023.

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